Granbury, Texas Probate Attorneys

Planning for the end of life is something most of us want to delay for another day. But we owe ourselves and our loved ones a few moments of careful consideration today to save months of stressful uncertainty later. We will guide you through the process of drafting or reviewing your will. We can explain the benefits of medical powers of attorney, physician’s directives, and guardianship designations. You will leave our firm with the satisfaction that your affairs are in order.

When someone dies, the thought of settling the estate can be intimidating. The language is unfamiliar: “letters testamentary, muniment of title, intestate.” The truth is that Texas probate is simple and logical. We guide families through the emotional probate process. We will see that the estate is settled in a common sense manner. If a conflict arises, we have the litigation experience to ensure that your interests are protected.

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