Granbury, Texas Expunction and Nondisclosure Attorneys

People placed on deferred adjudication probation are promised that their charges will be dismissed if they successfully complete probation. They later discover that the record of initial arrest and the probation itself remains as a black mark forever. An order of nondisclosure gives first-time offenders a second chance. After an order of nondisclosure, a regular background check will not reveal the case, and only law enforcement and certain state agencies will have access to the information. Recently, the Texas legislature greatly expanded the scope of nondisclosures, allowing the sealing of records for those convicted and placed on straight probation, those sentenced to jail, and even some of those convicted of DWI. As the scope of nondisclosures widened, the procedure became more complicated. If you made a mistake in the past, you are entitled to a second chance and a clean criminal record.

Expunctions are much narrower in scope but erase all trace of an arrest or prosecution for all purposes, even law enforcement and state agency inquiries. If you were arrested but never prosecuted, if you were prosecuted but acquitted, or if someone stole your identity and used it during an arrest, you may be entitled to an expunction.

Regardless of what you have been told about nondisclosures and expunctions, you should consult a knowledgeable lawyer to advise you. The laws have changed. We can help you.

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